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Welcome to IPTV Magazine!

Our mission is to identify and explain the technologies and applications that allow television services to be provided through Internet Protocol (IP) data networks.  Readers learn the options and the system to implement IPTV along with new features and applications and business opportunities that are available in the IPTV industry today.







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IPTV Magazine will list your white papers for free on our site if they meet our content guidelines. Our content guidelines ensure that the white paper contains valuable content, provides it in a clear and unbiased format, and is related to our audience type (IPTV).

White paper submissions to <magazine> also require agreeing to our usage guidelines. Our usage guidelines define how we may use content that you provide us such as including your company name and logo on the white paper summary page, linking back to your company web site, and that we will not republish the content of your white paper as an HTML document.

People must register to receive white papers on our sites. If you want to receive white paper registration information (name and email), you must agree to not resell or abuse the contact information. We do charge a small fee for providing the registration information to you.

If you submit a white paper, we will create a unique description that you can review and approve before we list your white paper. You submit a simple profile form to get started.

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