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Our mission is to identify and explain the technologies and applications that allow television services to be provided through Internet Protocol (IP) data networks.  Readers learn the options and the system to implement IPTV along with new features and applications and business opportunities that are available in the IPTV industry today.







IPTV Books


Internet Protocal Television (IPTV)

Internet protocol television (IPTV) is the process of providing television (video and/or audio) services through the use Internet protocol (IP) networks. These IP networks initiate, process, and receive voice or multimedia communications using IP protocol. These IP systems may be public IP systems (e.g. the Internet), private data systems (e.g. LAN based), or a hybrid of public and private systems.

IPTV Dictionary

IP Television Dictionary provides definitions and illustrations covering the latest video over data and Internet television technologies and provides the understanding needed to provide IP video services.


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Introduction to IP Video


This book explains the fundamentals of IP video transmission and how video compression can reduce video bandwidth by 50 to 200 times lower than their original uncompressed form. Digital video quality measurements and monitoring is explained including tiling, error blocks, smearing, jerkiness, artifacts (edge busyness) and object retention.

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Home Media Networks Quick Course Book

This book explains the different types of home media data transmission types including telephone line, power line wireless and coaxial lines and wired data lines. Discover the different types of access control systems used in home networks including random data access and reserved media control.


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Introduction to Digital Rights Management

Digital rights management systems identify, track, authorize and restrict access to digital media. You will learn how DRM systems help to protect and enforce copyrights, patents, trademarks, and other forms of intellectual property. Discover how to uniquely identify digital media and how to monitor and track the usage of digital media.


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Introduction to IP Audio

This book explains the fundamentals of audio, how it is digitized and compressed, basics of audio streaming, methods that are used to store audio, how to host digital audio on the web, audio control protocols, IP Audio streaming quality measurements and control and how digital rights management may be incorporated into IP Audio.


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Creating RFPs for IP Television Systems

This book covers the IPTV RFP development process, unique IPTV system and service requirements, the contents of RFPs and the overall process for issuing, receiving, evaluation, and selecting winning responses from RFP responders. A sample outline of a typical RFP is included.


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Introduction to IP Television

This book explains how and why people and companies are using IP television and Internet television services. You will discover how global television services are already available through the Internet and how you can use standard television to watch global television channels using analog television adapter boxes.


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IPTV Business Opportunities

This book contains industry research and analysis that shows how to profit from IPTV. Services covered include new programming sources (specialty, international, ethnic), 10x ad revenue (addressable advertising), integrated television commerce (t-commerce) and supporting services (BSS and OSS).


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IPTV Basics

This book explains how to provide television services over IP data networks. IPTV video technology is explained including video compression, audio compression and IP multimedia transmission. The functional parts of IPTV systems are described along with their operation and the key protocols that are used to manage IPTV networks.


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Introduction to MPEG

This book explains the basics of audio and video digitization and compression and the standard formats that are used be MPEG. You will learn about the different MPEG audio coders and video coder options along with the types of MPEG streams, frame types, profiles and levels.


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Introduction to Data Multicasting

This book explains how multicasting systems operate, ways to form distribution trees, and group management. The different types of multicast protocols are explained along with how multicast systems can provide reliable services with different levels of quality of service. You will learn about other ways to provide multicast services such as using gridcasting or peercasting


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IP Television Directory

The 2007 IPTV Industry Directory provides contact conformation for over 600 companies that provide products and services to the IP television industry. IPTV Industry Directory identifies the companies that are providing products and services, indexes them by IPTV product and service classifications and gives accurate contact information.


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Introduction to IPTV Billing

This book explains the language and terms used in the setup and operation of IPTV billing systems along with the format and important information parts of event detail billing records. The popular billing industry standards used to track IPTV services include IPDR, AMA, CIBER, TAP and XML are covered.


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IPTV Testing

This book covers quantitative (packet loss, error rate) and qualitative (perceptual) quality measurement and control processes used in IPTV systems. Quality measurement processes such as MDI, V-Factor, synchronization, interaction (control), and other measurable values are explained. Network probes, STB test client software, and multilayer testing are described.


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