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Welcome to IPTV Magazine!

Our mission is to identify and explain the technologies and applications that allow television services to be provided through Internet Protocol (IP) data networks.  Readers learn the options and the system to implement IPTV along with new features and applications and business opportunities that are available in the IPTV industry today.







IPTV Distribution Systems

Articles that explain the options and operation of transmission systems that are used to transfer IPTV signals between the head-end and user devices.


Profitable IPTV with DSL Rings - This article explains how DSL Ring technology makes IPTV profitable in many otherwise unprofitable markets.


IPTV Optical Distribution - An optical distribution network is a system of optical transmission lines and signal routing equipment that links media sources to television viewing devices.


A Solution to the IPTV Cat 5 Cable Bandwidth Limits in Hotels and other Shared TV Systems - This article explains how to get past the IPTV Cat 5 cable bandwidth limits in hotels and other shared television systems.



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