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Welcome to IPTV Magazine!

Our mission is to identify and explain the technologies and applications that allow television services to be provided through Internet Protocol (IP) data networks.  Readers learn the options and the system to implement IPTV along with new features and applications and business opportunities that are available in the IPTV industry today.







IPTV Industry White Papers

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Advertising Systems White Papers that cover ad severs, ad insertion splicers, and ad management software.

Conditional Access Systems (CAS) - White Papers that cover subscriber and media access control devices and how users can access services.

Content Aggregators - Companies that provide or distribute media programs to broadcasters.

Content Licensing - White Papers that describe the rights for media programs and how to obtain and use them.

Content Production - White Papers that explain ways and options to create content.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) - White Papers that explain how media programs and objects can be identified, transferred, and managed.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) - White Papers that explain how to identify and control permissions to media programs and objects.

Encoding - White Papers that describe the different formats and process for encoding media.

End to End Systems - White Papers that explain how equipment and software from a single supplier can be combined to setup a complete IPTV system.

Home Media Networking White Papers that describe the types of systems that can distribute IPTV signals in homes and buildings.

Internet Television (Broadband TV) White Papers that explain how to setup, manage, and distribute TV programs through the public Internet.

Internet Television Channel Hosting Companies and systems that can allow operators to store, broadcast, and deliver programming to users through the Internet.

IPTV Billing Systems - Service and usage tracking software and devices.

IPTV Business - White Papers that provide marketing, business development, and market information that is related to the television industry.

IPTV Distribution Systems - White Papers that explain the options and operation of transmission systems that are used to transfer IPTV signals between the head-end and user devices.

IPTV Industry Standards - Documents, descriptions, and specifications that are commonly used or required to operate or provide  IPTV services.

IPTV Operational Support Systems - White Papers that describe equipment and software that are used to allow a network operator to perform the administrative portions of the business.

IPTV Regulation - White Papers that identify and explain rules that are established governments that are designed to control and maintain the service of public communications systems.

IPTV Services - Internet protocol television services are the providing of television signals or programs to viewing devices (e.g. televisions) where the signals travel through IP data networks such as private lines (DSL) or via public data lines (e.g. the Internet).

IPTV Systems Integration White Papers that explain how to purchase, set-up, and configure IPTV systems.

IPTV Technology Functions, Processes, and Configurations that allow for the storage, transmission, and viewing of television programs through IP data networks.

IPTV Testing White Papers that explain how to monitor, diagnose, and analyze the performance of IPTV systems.

Mobile Video - White Papers that explain the transferring of signals that carry moving video pictures information to mobile devices and the supplying of video signals to mobile telephones.

Patents and Intellectual Property - White Papers that identify patents and other forms of intellectual property that relate to IPTV.

Private IPTV Systems - White Papers that describe enterprise, hospitality, campus TV, and other television systems that can be operated and controlled independently from public television systems.

Social Media Marketing - White papers that describe the use of social media in the marketing field.

Television Displays - White Papers that describe display devices and their capabilities.

Television Metadata - Television metadata is information that describes the attributes of television media (such as program title, media format, runtime, actors, and other data.)

Television Middleware - White Papers that describe middleware that links user devices to the TV system.

TV Accessories - White Papers that describe devices or software programs that can be optionally connection to TV systems or services. Examples of TV accessories include remote controls, gaming controllers and other human interface devices that are specifically designed to be used with TV systems and services.

TV Commerce - White Papers that explain how television systems can upgraded to sell and process orders directly to customers.

TV Production - White Papers that explain the processes of filming and producing television programs.

TV Widgets - White Papers that explain how small utility programs (widgets) can be installed in STBs, or web capable TVs and used to navigate and display media on television sets.





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